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Tips to improve your speaking for IELTS

When a candidate thinks about taking the IELTS test, he should first assess his depth of knowledge in the English language.Find the ways to improve spoken English.

English Learning grammar

Check your grammar level in English

This is approximately your current level of English and you should make a plan to further improve your English.For example, if you are at Pre-intermediate level currently, you should make plan to achieve Intermediate level.

English Learning

English Essays (74 topics)(Easy)

This is collection of 74 Essay topics which will help you to improve and upgrade your English as well as knowledge on various topics of general importance.

Articles English Learning

Collection of 100 English Essays/articles

Page 1 This is a collection of 100 beautiful essays in English.Each essay is good for reading. I hope you will find the essays interesting and knowledge giving. Make a schedule to read one or two essays/articles daily to keep improving your English language. There are total 10 web pages , each containing 10 essays.You […]


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