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How long does it take to prepare for IELTS?

How much time you require for your IELTS preparation depends on a variety of factors, including your target score, your mock test results and the amount of time you can dedicate to studying.Read the full article to plan well for your IELTS exam.


Change your thoughts, change everything!

And now turns out that stress is the biggest problem nowadays. The problem that fear generate stress is responsible for up to 90% of all disease. We have to learn to let go off the fear. Consciousness needs to change. It is Chronic fear chemistry itself that is the cause of the problem. Change your mind, you change the chemistry and therefore you become empowered.

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Collection of 100 English Essays/articles

Page 1 This is a collection of 100 beautiful essays in English.Each essay is good for reading. I hope you will find the essays interesting and knowledge giving. Make a schedule to read one or two essays/articles daily to keep improving your English language. There are total 10 web pages , each containing 10 essays.You […]

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Train your Mind

So far, we have been taught that there are Good or Bad minds in this world But science has given us a new way to say:There are no good or bad minds in this world, There are only trained or Untrained Minds. A Human’s Mind is like a container which has the capacity to receive  […]


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