IELTS Cue Card 90: Describe a line that you remember from a poem or song

Reading poems is the best way to learn something new because by this people can enhance their mental strength and imagination. Poems are based upon many themes like love, nature, friction, war and many more.

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Reading poems is the best way to learn something new because by this people can enhance their mental strength and imagination. Poems are based upon many themes like love, nature, friction, war and many more. I have read many poems in my life today here I would like to talk about a line from poem which i like most.

Actually, i read this line during my school days. I remember well, when i was studying in 12 standard one day I went to our school library I saw a book of which was written by the name of this book was that ‘a collection of poems’. William Shakespeare was great actor, writer, and singer. He wrote many poems, stories and drama writings. He is also known as national poet of England.

I started reading this book. I found it excellent. One particular line from a poem named seven stages of life touched to my heart. The line is that BOTH MEN AND WOMEN ARE PLAYERS AND WHOLE WORLD IS A STAGE. This line has deep meaning actually meaning is that people are playing their roles in very good way from birth to death. It is very motivational and inspiring for me. After that i issued this book from library and i came back to home. I shared this book this father. He also likes to read book.

I played a drama performance on this line in my village to motivate young generation toward their life. I have also pdf file of this books. So when ever i feel disappointed and worried i prefer to read this line. This line contains the central idea of this poem. So this is a line which i remember well.

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Reading poems is the best way to learn new things in interesting way. Poems contain emotions and leave great impressions on our minds. Poems have the power to invoke deep emotions in a human. Poems have the capacity to say out much in fewer words. Poems contain a musical rhythm which can trigger the brain hormones.

I have read many poems in my life in different languages like Hindi, English and Punjabi. Here, I am going to discuss about a poem, which I read during my college time and its particular line influenced my heart positively.

I remember when I was studying in my last year of graduation: One day, I met my friend and he informed me that I should visit our college library which had been newly built because there were many type of books related to poetry.

I like to read poetry books in my free time. That day I read a book which was written by William Shakespeare. The tittle of the book was “Seven stages of life”. Its particular line is that whole world is a stage and both men and women are players. After reading this line, I came to know about the reality of life and I was motivated towards my life.

During this time, the College Principal organized a drama competition and I suggested the Principal to organize a play based upon the title of this poem. I played the main role, but I could not express my feelings because this line has deep meaning so my college teacher explains the true meaning of this life.

Nowadays whenever I am in a hurry and tiredness I recall this line and I feel happy for my life.

So this was a time when I read the book and its particular line influenced my heart

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