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Train your Mind

Train your mind with Languages at City Coaching Centre
Train your mind with Languages at City Coaching Centre

So far, we have been taught that there are Good or Bad minds in this world But science has given us a new way to say:There are no good or bad minds in this world, There are only trained or Untrained Minds.

A Human’s Mind is like a container which has the capacity to receive  information through senses , imagine, perceive  and develop concepts first through other’s experience , telling ,writing and then personifying the information, thoughts and concepts with personal experience. That’s why what we see, hear , sense  make-up our concepts for thoughts or to say subconscious mind and our thoughts invoke action and response  in our Body and then we deal with our surroundings.In this way, Our conceptual understanding is formed with our surrounding environments.

If thoughts are good, actions are good. If thoughts are Evil, actions are evil.

Every businessman, profit seeker , politician want to control your mind by making you see, think their  agenda .So train your mind carefully with  only peace bringing material and useful education.Do not let your mind to be the playhouse of advertisers, businessmen and so called leaders who come to you with mask of righteousness and truth.Train your mind with true education so that you develop higher thinking abilities, critical thinking, logic and reasoning, opinions, investigative approach, facts knowing, cognition, perception and you can also learn persistence, what it takes to work on goals with honesty, diligence, discipline of your mind & thinking, giving away fears of uncertainty and public ridiculousness,know our roles and duties in society.

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